The TomCats Jazz Aces is a full-sized sixteen-piece big band that recreates the popular music of the thirties and forties – the classic period of American Swing. Saluting the legendary Big Bands including Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller and Duke Ellington, the TomCats play the familiar hits of the Swing Era, as well as less well-known but equally remarkable numbers by the great arrangers who – though often unheralded – gave these bands their characteristic sounds. The TomCats perform either in authentic World War II A-2 flight jackets like those worn by Glenn Miller's Army Air Force Band (hand-painted with the TomCats' logos) or decked out in spiffy tuxedos – white ties of course. The TomCats can also perform in a scaled-down, 8-man outfit (includes crooner).

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Satchmo & CO.

Satchmo & Co. plays traditional American jazz in the dixieland style that celebrates the generous legacy of Louis Armstrong, America's most influential musician.

Instruments include trumpet, trombone, clarinet, piano, banjo, string bass (or tuba) and drums combined in a joyous, sometimes raucous dixieland ensemble that offers up the work of songwriters from New Orleans to Chicago and New York, among them W.C. Handy, Fast Waller, Hoagy Carmichael and George Gerswhin.

Performing in uniform blue and white striped oxford shirts, navy suspenders, haberdashery ties, and genuine straw boaters, the world class musicians of Satchmo & Co. are as dapper as they are exuberant.

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West Side Sax

For many, the saxophone represents the essential jazz instrument. Its versatility in the idiom is broad. The music of the saxophone can be soothing and mellow, romantic and sultry, or hot and spirited. Artin Arts offers a roster of some of the most accomplished jazz saxophone players on the New York scene to lead trios and quartets for listening, dancing or just as background to a reception or a dinner. Both configurations spotlight the saxophone, accompanied by a rhythm section comprising piano or guitar bass and – in the case of the quartet – drums. Drums are especially indicated when the event is to include dancing.

In most settings, the trio or quartet plays in the popular Swing style, emphasizing the great pop standards of the American Songbook, although on occasion, a more contemporary jazz sound might be the appropriate choice.

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Tom Artin's Swing

Tom Artin has played trombone throughout the United States and Europe with world renowned jazz groups including the Smithsonian Jazz Repertory Ensemble, the Louis Armstrong Almuni All-Stars, the Wild Bill Davison All-Stars and the World's Greatest Jazz Band Appearing at international festivals from California to Ireland and Switzerland, he was also the house trombonist at Eddie Condon’s jazz club in New York for nearly a decade.

Mr. Artin draws from the best of New York's incredible pool of musicians to form his Swing trios, quartets and quintets that offer music for listening as well as for dancing. His repertoire comprises virtually all of the hundreds of American popular standards of the first half of the 20th century, and includes the familiar hits of the big bands.

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Standard Brass

Standard Brass specializes in the wonderful popular standards of the 30's, 40's and 50's arranged in the jazz idiom – leaving plenty of room for improvisation by individual members of the group, each of whom is a gifted jazz soloist in his or her own right. To the two trumpets, French horn, trombone and tuba of the classic brass quintet, the group adds a rhythm section of drums and guitar.

The group's repertoire include songs from the broad range of jazz and American popular song – from Jelly Roll Morton to Duke Ellington and Thelonious Monk, from Irving Berlin and Jerome Kern to Kurt Weill and Jimmy Van Heusen. Standard Brass projects a unique sound, not merely recreating earlier jazz styles, but elaborating on them via original arrangements that reinterpret classics of the idiom, while remaining true to the essential spirit of the music.

Standard Brass plays familiar music with rhythmic punch and verve, presenting a lively and novel program especially (though not solely) suited to a concert setting.

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Cabaret: Daryl Sherman

Singer, pianist and songwriter Daryl Sherman has charmed audiences for years at all the major cabaret venues on the New York circuit, including the Café Carlyle, the Algonquin, Tavern-on-the-Green and the Palm Court at the Waldorf-Astoria. She has concertized widely throughout the United States and Europe and has appeared at major jazz festivals including the JVC, Mellon and Newport Festivals. Daryl Sherman has recorded many CD's.

Though she makes a specialty of unearthing obscure gems of the Tin Pan Alley songwriters, Daryl's repertoire includes virtually all the popular hits of the Great American Songbook. An enormously talented singer and pianist, her interpretations and delivery of familiar standards makes them seem newly minted.

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Mark Shane, Piano

Mark Shane plays classic jazz piano in a rowdy, rambunctious, rollicking style. His spirited "striding and tickling" gets parties off the ground. This hot piano combines ragtime feeling, infectious humor, virtuosic technique and a time-honored repertoire drawn from the golden age of jazz and swing. Listeners delight to hits made famous by Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller, Art Tatum, Duke Ellington, Teddy Wilson and other jazz legends. When Mr. Shane delivers one of his inimitably jaunty vocals, things really heat up!

With a resume that includes major jazz festivals throughout the United States and Europe, Mark Shane reflects a true sense of living jazz history in his playing, and continues the tradition of buoyant swing and lyrical melodic improvisation which is classic jazz piano.

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John Colianni, Piano

For many years accompanist to the late Mel Torme, John Colianni is rooted in the virtuosic style of Art Tatum, but has developed his more modern approach to the piano. Mr. Torme put it succinctly: "When John joined my band, Lionel Hampton said 'You're just gonna love this kid's playing.'"

Master of the contemporary Swing style, Mr. Colianni specializes in the repertoire of the Great American Songbook. He appears in concert halls and jazz clubs throughout the United States and Europe, both as a soloist and in a trio setting with bass and drums.

A recording artist with Concord Records, Mr. Colianni has been compared to Teddy Wilson and Oscar Peterson and was called a "wunderkind" by jazz critic Leonard Feather.

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Steve Ash - Piano

Steve Ash is a swinging modern jazz pianist in the mold of Hank Jones and Tommy Flanagan. Trained at the University of Indiana's famed Music School, he has worked in and around New York for over twenty years in the Swing and Modern Jazz idioms.

Appearing either as a soloist, in a duo setting with bass, or trio setting with bass and drums, Mr. Ash specializes in the great popular American standards – the familiar songs of composers like Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, Cole Porter and George Gerswhin.

His repertoire includes virtually ever great standard written before 1960 – as well as newly minted standards.

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Sounds of Rio

Sounds of Rio evokes the flamboyant mood of Carnival in Brazil, as well as the softer, sultrier music of composers like Antonio Carlos Jobim. Samba and Bossa Nova are the forte of Sounds of Rio, of course. Comprising guitar, saxophone, keyboard, bass, and percussion, Sounds of Rio appears dressed in colorful, informal South American outfits. Of course the musicians don formal attire when occasion demands. Optionally, the instrumental quintet can be augmented with a vocalist or two, and, frankly, isn't the Bossa Nova so much more expressive bathed in the caress of the human voice? Tropical and spirited, this music is terrific simply for listening, or to samba the night away to.

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