Cynthia Artin

Cynthia Artin brings together the talents of a group of designers, writers, marketing specialists, and project managers serving corporations in the financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, IT, manufacturing, service and retail industries. In less than three years, Artin Arts has grown to serve over fifty clients, including many recognized and highly respected global brands.

Ms. Artin and her team of communicators create a powerful convergence of message, medium and momentum. At the core of Artin Arts is an understanding of and passion for business, combined with a strong creative vision, which find expression in every project from local to global.

Prior to starting a communications advisory practice in 2003, Ms. Artin successfully positioned ITXC Corporation, based in Princeton, NJ, as the global leader of VoIP international and long distance services.

Before joining ITXC, Ms. Artin served as Vice President of Corporate Communications for Global Crossing, where she was responsible for global media and industry analyst relations and managed a team of professionals interacting with business, financial and trade press and top tier analyst firms. At Global Crossing, she also lead a brand repositioning effort in her role as VP of Global Marketing Communications, and supported a number of mergers and acquisitions during the company's rapid period of growth. During her tenure, she lead the brand integration of over fourteen companies.

As Vice President of Corporate Communications for IXnet and IPC Communications from 1999-2000, Ms. Artin managed all facets of communications including investor relations, media relations, public relations, marketing communications, events, trade shows, advertising, branding, internet and internal communications. She was engaged by the company to support an IPO in August 1999. In 2000, the companies were acquired by Global Crossing for over $3 billion.

From 1996-1999, Ms. Artin was Vice President of Creative Services for The American Stock Exchange, where she coached a team of over 30 individuals delivering all aspects of communications and corporate positioning strategy. She delivered new brand and major advertising programs at major cost savings by utilizing internal talent.

Previously, Ms. Artin held leadership positions in the retail and wholesale fashion industry, conceiving and managing merchandising and marketing strategies extending from the US into Europe and Asia. Ms. Artin brings a special expertise in strategic communications platform development, new technology positioning and service launches, and establishment of the compelling and memorable corporate voice. Her expertise extends to areas of crisis communications and reputation management.